Paula Corrales
Mitsue Kido
Pilar Vejar
Crin Weaving 

Rari, Chile

Lamps From Chile is a design project created in 2018 by Paula Corrales &  Mitsue Kido, linking traditional crafts from Chile with contemporary design, giving new opportunities to both areas through collaboration; amplifying commercialization networks and international diffusion to Chilean traditional artisans and giving a territorial rooting to chilean design.

For the first collection of the project made in 2018, there were designed 5 different luminaires with 5 different traditional crafts communities from Maule Region in Chile, including: Crin Micro Basketry from Rari, Coiron Basketry from Uraco, Pita Basketry from Teno, Toba Stone from Quinamavida and White Clay from Vichuquen.

In 2022, during the 5th Biennal of Contemporary Crafts of Paris, Salón Révélations, we will be launching the Crin Weaving Colour Collection in collaboration with the crin artisan Pilar Vejar, based on the weaving growth exploration of 2018 and the incorporation of the bright colours that characterises Rari’s traditional micro basketry. Colour is an essential factor for crin artisans, having an heritage and aesthetic value that represents the countryside where Rari is located. But colour also has an important task in facilitating the weaving for artisans, making more visible the small threads that merge as the weaving grows. This way, in complement to the 2018 collection where we wanted to enhance the natural crin, for the 2022 Colour Collection looking to value Vejar skills and expertise on the traditional crin craft colour work.