"Lamps from Chile" a design project with a firm intention of artisanal rescue, located in the VI region of Maule in Chile. Where 5 artisans made 5 luminaries using 5 types of local traditional crafts. Led by designers Paula Corrales and Mitsue Kido, this project seeks to maintain the traditions and productive processes of craftsmanship that is reflected in a contemporary design product.
"Lamps from Chile" is a project funded by Fondart Convocatoria 2018 (Ministry of Culture and Arts of Chile) and it is focus on the artisanal rescue of a region representative of traditional Chilean culture. "Lamps from Chile" is a Design / Crafts project where we work continuously in collaboration between the creators.
Through 5 visits to the region, the project was elaborated, in the first receptions the designers learned the fundamentals of each technique. Through the dialogue with the artisans during the following encounters the shapes of each lamps were developed. The designers by union elements were conforming pieces of bronze and steel wich became elements of connection between the crafts and the lighting. Generating a clash between artisanal and industrial that at the same time has engraved the name of the collection, crafts, location and year.
The 5 different handicrafts were chosen, taking into account the diversity of techniques, vernacular materials and the participation of artisanal communities in order to ensure continuity in their production.