Piedra Toba Lamp

Piedra Toba lamp is part of "Lamps from Chile" a design project with a firm intention of artisanal rescue, located in the VI region of Maule in Chile. Where 5 artisans made 5 luminaries using 5 types of local traditional crafts. Led by designers Paula Corrales and Mitsue Kido, this project seeks to maintain the traditions and productive processes of craftsmanship that is reflected in a contemporary design product.
"Lamps from Chile" is a project funded by Fondart Convocatoria 2018 (Ministry of Culture and Arts of Chile) and it is focus on the artisanal rescue of a region representative of traditional Chilean culture. "Lamps from Chile" is a Design / Crafts project where we work continuously in collaboration between the creators.

  • Craft: Piedra Toba Stone
  • Locality: Quinamávida, Maule region, Chile
  • Designers: Paula Corrales & Mitsue Kido
  • Year of Production: 2018
  • Material: Piedra Toba, bras
  • Artisans: Gabriela Alarcón

Photographer: Alejandro Galvez